About our cakes...

All of Custom Made Cakes come standard as 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of filling. They are baked fresh from scratch, include no artificial flavours and are decorated on the day of your event.

Single Tier Cakes

Naked Cake - Fully Decorated

Naked Cake:

Completely exposed layers of cake with minimal frosting

Semi-naked Cake: Exposed layers of cake with a finished look

Barely-naked Cake: Minimally exposed layers of cake

Single Tier 6" (Serves 8 - 10)             $80 - $100

Single Tier 7" (Serves 15 - 20)           $140 - $160

Single Tier 8" (Serves 20 - 40)          $180 - $200

Single Tier 9" (Serves 30 - 60)          $220 - $250

Fondant Cake

A pliable sugar dough smoothed over a ganache covered cake to create a smooth matte finish. Cakes can then be heavily decorated with many designs and techniques. Cakes are limited to mud cakes with ganache fillings. These are often sculpted designs. Due to the complexity of these cakes they are priced individually.

Priced Individually            From $250

Buttercream Cake

Fully covered cake layers in a luscious buttercream made from pure butter and icing sugar.

Can be finished smooth, with a texture, coloured or shaded. Pricing is driven by the complexity of the buttercream design

Single Tier 6" (Serves 8 - 10)  From $130

Single Tier 7" (Serves 15 - 20) From $170

Single Tier 8" (Serves 20 - 40) From $220

Single Tier 9" (Serves 30 - 60) From $260

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