Orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis. To avoid disappointment please order well ahead of your event.



Q:  How do I order a cake?

 A:  To start the order process, please send an email to custommadecakes@hotmail.com containing all the following information:

. the date of your event

· the occasion/nature of your event (birthday, christening, etc)
. the event location, delivery address, and delivery time
· how many people you will need to serve
· your daytime phone number
· your email address
· an idea of what kind of cake design you are looking for


 Q:  How early should I place an order?

A:  We take limited orders for each date thus can book up quickly during peak times so the earlier the better.  Ideally, we need 3-4 weeks notice for cakes serving up to 50.  Larger cakes require more time to design and plan so should be booked 2-3 months in advance.  Some designs require minimum 2 weeks to make certain design elements.  We will not accept orders with less than 10 days notice.


Q:  Why do you require 2 weeks notice?

A:  For each cake we make, we bake fresh so we shop the week before for any ingredients or supplies necessary.  Some cakes require more time for planning & design, to customize it to your specific requirements.  Some designs have decorative elements that need to be made in advance and given time to dry.  A loopy bow topper or 3D figure for example needs minimum 2 weeks to make to allow ample time for drying.


Q: Do I have to choose one of the cakes from your portfolio? 

A:  No. All of the cakes are individually designed. You can certainly order a cake from the website, but they are also there as inspiration. Please call us to discuss any ideas that you have for your cake.


Q: What's your payment policy?

A:  Once all the details of your cake are worked out and decided on, finalizing the order is simple. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required payable by PayPal to reserve your order; the remainder is due at least two weeks prior to your event. Your booking is not confirmed until Custom Made Cakes has received your deposit.


Q:  Why are your cakes priced higher than local grocery stores or chain discount stores?

 A:  Many grocery and chain stores offer premade frozen cakes iced in simple buttercream that are often laden with preservatives and limited in design options.  Our cakes are all baked fresh to order from the freshest ingredients.  We do not freeze our cakes nor do they contain preservatives.  They are all custom designed to your needs and are handcrafted to be one of a kind. 


Q:  Do you offer delivery and how much should I expect to pay to have my cake delivered?

 A:  Yes, we offer a delivery option in the mornings between 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM. Monday to Friday. We are pleased to offer free delivery for those in the 10km radius from Kensington area (address or postal code needed to confirm).Deliveries for those outside 10km radius from Kensington area start at $20 depending on distance (postal code or address needed to confirm).  For those outside the 10km radius, please inquire.


Q:Can I pick up my cake? 

 A: As being an online business, we only deliver. For your piece of mind, we provide a safe, professional delivery service with extremely competitive delivery fees. 

Please consider that specialty cakes are heavy, perishable and according to their design, need extra care while been delivered. They can be easily damaged if not delivered properly.



Q:  What if I don't have a specific design in mind?  Would you be able to design a cake just for me and what would you need?

 A:  Yes of course!  Designing an original cake is one of the fun, creative aspects I love about cake decorating.

 Ideally, we would need at least one month notice to ensure enough time can be dedicated to the design process and a deposit will be required to secure the date and start the process.  Before doing this, you need to make sure you are happy with our existing work so please take the time to look through our gallery.  Next, we would need any inspirational items you may have or examples of styles you like i.e. colour swatches, photos of other cakes, magazine photos of dinnerware or a dress design you liked, a sample of a pattern you admire etc.  Then we would come up with a few concept cake designs for you to choose from.  Finally, we would create your cake from the design you approved


Q:  What if I see a design I like somewhere else - can you replicate it?

 A:  Yes!  But since each cake is custom made and does not come out of a mold, a cake can never look 100% like another even if made by the same decorator.  We would be able to replicate any design to a reasonable degree.  If you have a photo or a web link you can provide, we will be able to quote you a price for the number of servings you need and discuss with you what elements - if any - may not come out exactly the same


Q:  Are your cakes nut-free?

 A:  Our cakes and fillings DO NOT contain any nuts or nut products.  We are NOT however a 100% nut-free facility. 

 Although we strive to ensure there is no contact with nuts or nut products in our baking, we cannot guarantee there will not be minute trace amounts from being washed in the same dishwasher as items that have come in contact with nuts.  So if there are serious concerns with someone who has a severe allergy to nuts, we recommend you make alternate arrangements for that person or choose a facility that is 100% nut-free rather than take the risk.


For any more information please Contact Us