Fillings & Flavours




 All my cakes and cupcakes are freshly baked to order, and contain only fresh ingredients.

Everything is baked from scratch and contains no preservatives, so remember, it's a cake and it WANTS you to eat it while it’s still fresh and delicious!  As a guide, all cakes have a shelf life of approximately 4 days from the day you receive them. 





Vanilla Cupcakes 

A deliciously fragrant butter cake, made with natural vanilla beans and Pure Vanilla Extract. It has a delicious, melt in your mouth crumb and velvety texture. 


Chocolate  Cupcakes

These ultimate chocolate cupcakes, moist and tender these cupcakes are phenomenal. With our Satiny smooth, buttery, just sweet enough and oh-so-chocolatey ganache frosting, this is the perfect chocolate cupcake.


Cookie and Cream Cupcakes

The ultimate cookies and cream experience in a cupcake form. Delicious chocolate and cookie cupcake topped up with Oreo cheese cream frosting.


Mojito Cupcakes with Mint Frosting

My favourite. These cupcakes are a nice switch from the usual mint goodies. They are light and moist, bursting with flavor and refreshing, infused with a fantastic combination of lime and mint.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Moist and tender cupcakes that pairs well with buttercream or classic cream cheese frosting.


Banana Cupcakes

Sticky, buttery, moist and with a gorgeous banana flavour in each and every bite.


Tiramisu Cupcakes

This Italian classic is made up of delicate cake sponge soaked in espresso and Amaretto, topped with a mascarpone cheese icing and dusted with dark chocolate.